Mainline 260 Lateral Piping Project

Over the following two winters starting November 1, 2023 and continuing through April 2025, the Grand Valley Irrigation Company will be piping the concrete, trapezoidal ditch near 1st Street and Patterson Road. The project area extends from the northeast corner of Westlake Park to the south end of Knollwood Drive. It will be piped with 24-inch PVC pipe for most of its length. The pipe for the first half of this project has been installed, and construction will resume in November 2024.

An aerial view of the ML 260 lateral, with the current ditch in purple (bottom). A view of the ML 260 lateral from Lorey Drive (top).

This improvement will be of significant benefit to the shareholders, as it will provide water with less debris and will inhibit the deposition of silt.