Our Guide to Water Turn Outs

To “turn out” water means to administratively assign one or more shares of water to a particular headgate on the system where the water is intended to be used.

Shares should be turned out prior to the start of the irrigation season. Once shares are turned out at a particular headgate, they must remain there for the entirety of the season. Shareholders are encouraged to confirm their turn out order at least annually prior to April 1st.

Download our Water Turn Outs Report to confirm where your water is currently turned out.

The list is alphabetical by account name. The far-right column shows the headgate where the water is currently turned out, with the quantity of shares shown under the “Shares” column. Rented water is marked with a “Yes” in the “Rent” column, the renter name shows up under the “User” column, and the owner of the water is displayed under the “Name” column.

Each headgate number has a two-letter prefix designating the canal name, followed by the number of the headgate (for example, ML440 is Mainline Canal, Headgate 440). If your shares show “NTO” (No Turn Out) under the “Headgate” column, then those shares have not yet been assigned to a headgate.

Canal abbreviation key:
UM – Upper Mainline Canal
ML – Mainline Canal
HL – Highline Canal
KX – Kiefer Extension Canal
MC – Mesa County Canal
IR – Independent Ranchmen’s Canal
NTO – No Turn Out

If you would like to request an update to your turn out order or a copy of your specific headgate report, please contact our office.

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