Grand Valley Irrigation Providers

The Grand Valley Irrigation Company canal system serves approximately 40,000 acres of the Grand Valley with irrigation water, from Palisade to Mack. Our service area encompasses the area south of the canal down to the Colorado River. Our canals are the Mainline, Highline*, Kiefer Extension, Mesa County Ditch**, and Independent Ranchmen’s Ditch.

*Not to be confused with the Government Highline Canal, operated by the Grand Valley Water Users’ Association, which lies further to the north.

**Not to be confused with the Stubb Ditch, operated by the Mesa County Irrigation District.

The website of the Grand Valley Water Users’ Association provides a useful tool to help you determine which service area your property falls under.

Grand Valley Irrigation Providers map

Grand Valley Water Users’ Association
(Government Highline Canal)
1147 24 Road
Grand Junction, CO 81505-9639
p: 970-242-5065
f: 970-243-4871

Mesa County Irrigation District
PO Box 970
Palisade, CO 81526
p: 970-260-3920

Palisade Irrigation District
777 35 3 /10 Road
Palisade Co 81526
p: 970-464-4700

Redlands Water & Power Company
2216 South Broadway
Grand Junction, CO 81503
p: 970-243-2173
f: 970-256-1320

Orchard Mesa Irrigation District
668 38 Road
Palisade, CO 81526
p: 970-464-7885
f: 970-464-5928