Water: the universal solvent, a natural resource unlimited in its power for determining people’s way of life, but equally destructive if not used wisely.


We’re a Non-Profit Mutual Irrigation Company Located in Western Colorado

GVIC privately owns and operates the Grand Valley Canal, a system of canals stretching nearly 100 miles in length. This system has provided irrigation water for approximately 40,000 acres of the Grand Valley, delivered through over 950 delivery points and laterals since 1882 from Palisade to Mack.


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Annual Water Availability

We anticipate water turning on April 1, 2024 and continuing through October 31. Please allow approximately a week for the canal to fill.

Based on Climatic Conditions and Demand

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First Thursday Every Month. Meetings are closed to the public and may be attended by appointment only.

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Delivery of our Water starts out of the Colorado River in Palisade and works its way westerly to Mack

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